One, two, three – as in a race
time does fly and we keep pace.
Working, toiling, getting older,
sluggish, tired, even colder.
Then suddenly we see with fear
that the end is drawing near.

Are you feeling empty-handed?
Review your life! How do you spend it?
Rat race, routine, dollar, duty!
And pleasure? Health? Or nature’s beauty...?
So wisely choose while young you are.
Suggestion: Travel much and far.

[Based on a poem by
Wilhelm Busch]

Welcome and hello!

We are Silke and Michael.
On July 7, 2007 we hopped on our bikes to cycle from Germany down to South Africa:

Bye-bye everyday life, hello adventure! We have quit our jobs and given up our flats, stuffed part of our households into a handful of panniers, inflated the tires to exchange office chairs and TV news for suspension ;-) saddles and first-hand experiences. We want to lead a completely different life, make a dream come true: instead of predictable days and regular routines we are free to decide each morning where we want to go today. We will be looking forward to what the new day will bring and where we will be in the evening, unsure if we will find a good place to sleep - and if not, surviving it none the less.

Hamburg was the starting point of our tour. Of course we could have just boarded a plain to fly to some place on the mediterranean coast of Africa. But why should we rush? We have decided to start at our own doorstep because we want to explore Europe and the Middle East as well.

And then:
Africa from top to bottom.

Do you want to join?

We welcome you to accompany us on and discover with us foreign countries, their people and their different ways of living, their culture, history and stories, as well as our life on a bicycle and on the road.


Our second and third travel reports are online now.

You might also be interested in who we are and how it all started, frequently asked questions and some other stuff. Last but not least we will introduce you to Silke's second home, the children's home "Montgomery Heights" in Zimbabwe, for which your donations are highly welcome of course :-)!

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Silke & Michael

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