If you have any kind of questions, requests or suggestions, if you want to make a donation for Montgomery Heights or just want to send us a few encouraging lines then this is our e-mail-address: 

Most of the connections in internet-cafés along our route will be very slow. So in case you also want to send us some photos (or other attachments), we kindly ask you to make it two e-mails: one with your text and one with the pictures, because in case we cannot open the e-mail with your photos we can still read your "letter" :-).


Of course we are always happy to receive an electronic mail! But just in case you can't hold back and want to give an exceptional pleasure to us you can also send a "real" letter or parcel (Christmas cookies¹, pretzels, liquorice lollipops² und chocolate³ are always highly appreciated ;-)). Reading some hand-written lines while being on the road for such a long time truly is something special.

But where to send it to? "Silke and Michael, on bicycles, 43rd palm tree left of Cairo, Egypt" probably will not reach us that easily. The solution is: "Poste restante". However, this again does not work without an e-mail (sorry!)... Just let us know, when you want to send a letter, and we can tell you which post office you can send it to and how to address it.


¹ almond macaroons, cinnamon cookies, "Florentiner" (almond-cherry-chocolate-cookies), anything with marzipan
² covered with bitter-sweet chocolate - for Silke only!
³ all sorts (apart from: peppermint, rum-raisin, coconut)

Hier steht mal wieder ein völlig unsinniger Satz, der nur dazu da ist, den Content-Bereich künstlich zu vergrößern, damit die Tabellen alles schön in die Mitte rücken können - so, ich denke, das sollte reichen.