The Children of Montgomery Heights

....and how you can make a difference in their lives

We are raising funds for Montgomery Heights, a home for orphaned and destitute children in northern Zimbabwe, where Silke spent and helped out for several months (please read her story here).

Right now (12th September 2007) our donation barometer is at

   EUR 1,170.96   (~ USD 1,617.05)  

How can you help, too?

If you want to make a donation, please send us an e-mail (), so that we can give you the details of our bank account (which we don't want to publish here for understandable reasons) and from where we will forward it to Montgomery Heights by various means.

Can't I send or transfer the money directly to Zimbabwe? Why your bank account?

Sending a cheque by mail is not a good idea, as it will most certainly not reach its recipients. If the money was transferred to Montgomery's bank account in Zimbabwe it would immediately be converted into Zimbabwe dollars. But right now the inflation rate is at 1,700% and some economists believe it will rise to somewhere between 4,000% and 20,000% by the end of this year. This means that your money starts losing value by the moment it arrives. So that's not a good idea either!

Zimbabwe "Dollar" von vorneZimbabwe "Dollar" von hinten

By the way: As it is quite expensive to print these notes, the back is simply left blank...

Therefore we use different means of getting it down there. Here you can find proof that these are working. If you want to know how or if you need a confirmation that we are bona fide fund raisers, please send us an e-mail. We will then give you the contacts of Lesley Marshall and the American co-directors of Montgomery Heights.

We know, all this sounds a bit complicated, but as you can see, we are no professional charity organisation :-). Nevertheless we will make sure that your donation reaches the recipients.

Jeder Cent! Each and every single cent will benefit the children!

You can be sure that Lesley Marshall, who is directing Montgomery Heights and responsible for all financial matters, will receive every cent that we collect. As she always does, she will plan and check every purchase carefully. None of the donations will be spent on administration, but for  food, clothing, school material etc..

Please remember: if many give a little bit, the over-all result will be amazing. Ok, you might think: "What can 5 Euros do, or a handful of pounds, dollars etc.?" Right, you can hardly go to the cinema for that at home. But how easily can we do without that just once, or without buying a sandwich and a cup of coffee at the train station on the way to work - and instead do some good with that money?

THANK YOU for every (!) donation - you are making a wonderful and grateful bunch of children very happy with it!


Does it have to be money? Why don't you take donations in kind?

We are often asked why we do not take donations in kind. There are different reasons. The most important one is the transport problem: we can get many things cheap or even for free, but the transport to Zimbabwe would cost a fortune. And unfortunately we don't have that much space in our panniers to take care of the delivery ourselves :-). 

Additionally, the Montgomery family is in dire need of staple food, medicine, school material, fuel etc. – so money is the only help that makes sense, because they can decide best what they need most urgently on a day-to-day basis.

Should you have further questions regarding donations or Montgomery Heights, again :-) please send us an e-mail ().

But now let's continue with some facts about the children's home:

Who or what exactly is this "Montgomery Heights"?

Montgomery Heights is a home for orphaned, abused or abandoned children under the direction of "Voice of Triumph Ministries", a nondenominational Christian ministry.

The home lies in a very rural area of Zimbabwe. It has been primarily supported by the local community. Due to the local demographic and national economic changes of recent years (many farmers who supported Montgomery in the past had to leave the area) there is an increasing need for overseas financial support.

Mercy wird gefüttert

How many children are living there? And how do they get there?

Montgomery Heights is run as far as possible on a family pattern, rather than as an institution, and is first and foremost a Christian home. The home is registered with the Zimbabwean Department of Social Welfare to house up to 60 children and all of them are referred through the Department. That is why they are supported by Social Welfare, but what they get per child per month would not even buy 2 loaves of bread at present.

There are four separate houses for the resident children. Three of these function as family units with live in house parents, one for children of approx. 4 - 7, one for the older boys and one for the older girls. The fourth house is a special baby unit providing places for approx. 12 abandoned and HIV+ babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 - 4 years. The children in this unit are cared for by staff who work a shift system under the management of the resident nurse.

Is there a school nearby?

No, and therefore all children of school age are visiting Montgomery's own school, the so called learning-center and study according to a special individualised program which begins at preschool level. For the older children there is an extension facility, the Christian High School and College in Harare (Christ Ministries College), where, depending upon their academic ability, they are able to pursue both academic and practical courses. While studying there, they stay with foster parents and only come home during the holidays.

And who is in charge of Montgomery?

The home is under the directorship of Voice of Triumph Ministries' co-director in Zimbabwe, Miss Lesley Marshall, B.Ed., M.R.E. from England. She is assisted by a dedicated full time team of national staff and a missionary nurse. Several friends from the local community also give help on a voluntary part-time basis wherever they can: be it in Sunday school, art lessons, by repairing and altering clothes, growing maize,...

Tea time

Last but not least...

There are weekly church services in both English and Shona (the main local language) held at the home, which are attended by members of the local community as well as the staff and children who live at Montgomery. There are also a number of church outreach works from the home into the community.

For many of the children this is the only home that they know and they often keep contact to their "parents", "sisters" and "brothers" and come back to visit in later years (due to legal restrictions they are only able to stay at Montgomery until they turn 18 or until they have finished their education). And this, along with the love and joy that these children spread all over the place, is one of the most satisfying rewards for the people who work and live here.

SpielplatzgangHere you can see what it looks like at Montgomery Heights
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