August 19th - September 14th 2007, Austria

A Pole, a Portuguese, a Mongolian - and 60 Urugayans

Additionally to their strange dialect (at least for north German ears…), Austrians seem to have a special liking for accuracy which we found is most amusing...

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August 1st - August 19th 2007, Czech Republic

Elbe, Moldava, Prague and nasty hills

"Strč prst skrz krk"
Czech sometimes really is a well-sounding language. By the way: This little tongue twister means: "Put the finger through the throat". Maybe not very useful in daily life but the more popular with language students...

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July 7th - July 31st 2007,   Germany

from Norderstedt to the Czech border

On your bikes - get set - go!
or: "I can't stand the rain..." 
07/07/07: With the exception of the two of us everybody else seemed to marry or was about to get his final doping shots for the start of the Tour de France on that day. We also thought this to be a good day to start with a new chapter of life, and with lots of chocolate doping and delicious food from the parents of Silke's friend Anja we also wanted to set off...

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